Unashamedly European

What is a Euro African?

Euro Africans (also referred to as European Africans, and formerly as Europeans in Africa) are people in South Africa, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Nambia, and other states, who have full or partial ancestry in Europe.

The expression usually does not apply to Europeans living in European provinces or dependencies (Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Madeira, RĂ©union, Saint Helena).

Southern Africa

As you can see from the map to the right, the African country with the largest Euro African population (and arguably the highest percentage) is South Africa, at approximately 8.9 million (17.9% of the population). The yellow represents the Euro Africans, while the green is the areas where the majority of the population are not of European ancestry.

Euro Africans make up the biggest percentage and population in both Gauteng (which includes Johannesburg and Pretoria) and the Western Cape (which includes Cape Town). Basically, the western half of South Africa is "Euro Africa".

Where did they come from in Europe?

Most Euro Africans are the direct descendants of European settlers who survived the colonial era. These individuals are mostly of Dutch, British, French, Portuguese, German, Flemish, and to a lesser extent, Italian, Spanish, Austrian, Scandinavian, Greek, Lithuanian, Belgian, Swiss, and Irish ancestry.

Why is the term 'Euro African' not offensive?

It's just as reasonable as the terms African American or Italian American or French Canadian. It was coined by Luke Jones, a businessman of British ancestry, but with roots in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). He felt that descendants of British settlers had European aspects culturally, but were actually a distinct African people; not "Europeans" as they were previously known.

Many Euro Africans are not white. They are a variety of beautiful colours, as are people in Europe. They usually speak Afrikaans or English, and share European cultural traditions, such as cuisine, music, and dress.

In KwaZulu-Natal, there are Euro Africans with British and Zulu heritage, while in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia there are Euro Africans who descend from Shona or Ndebele having kids with British and Afrikaner settlers. Griqua, on the other hand, are descendants of Khoisan and Afrikaner trekboers. 


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